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Shark Island Productions is partnering with YLab (by Foundation for Young Australians) to launch The Oasis Homelessness Project, supported by The Caledonia Foundation.

Get involved and create change in your community — The Oasis Homelessness Project is a schools initiative for years 9–12 combining enterprise skills, community service and well-being outcomes for students through the lens of youth homelessness education.

Designed for Schools using the films and education resources for THE OASIS and LIFE AFTER THE OASIS, The Oasis Homelessness Project offers in school workshops, design challenges and training for students and teachers by OASIS ambassadors (young people who have experienced homelessness).

The project objectives are to facilitate relationship building between individuals, schools & service providers to develop systems solutions rather than surface solutions, and to prevent and respond early to the increasing incidence of students experiencing homelessness in the school community.

If you would like to get involved please contact us using the button below.


Where are the lost kids of 2008’s confronting documentary ‘THE OASIS’?

This follow-up film revisits the homeless teens whose chaotic lives shocked the nation.

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Featuring as themselves

Darren, Owen,  Chris, Emma, Haley, Paul, Robbin & Ken


Transitioning seamlessly between never-seen-before material from 2008 and contemporary footage, the film builds a rare, longitudinal portrait of six inspirational, disadvantaged young Australians. Now in their late 20s and 30s, they have weathered difficult and intense passages into adulthood, coming of age in a world rife with violence, poverty, addiction and mental illness. Yet their stories, though plagued by adversity, are stories of incredible resilience and survival.

“I’m not going to be a sheep, I’m going to be a wolf, I’m going to make my own destiny.”

Owen rapping — Image by Ian Darling