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Download the AToM Guide to the 2019 film:

AToM Study Guide (PDF 3.4MB)

The Oasis Project:

Combining 21st century skills development & community service, The Oasis Project supports teachers by providing relevant and engaging content and tools for youth homelessness education.

Go to The Oasis Project

Cool Australia Digital Resources:

Educator digital resources for LIFE AFTER THE OASIS are available at

Digital Resources

For year 9 and 10 Maths, Civics and Citizenship, English and HPE:

A National Report Card on Youth Homelessness:

This Report Card by YDA was presented to the National Youth Homelessness Conference held on 18–19 March, 2019 makes an assessment of how much progress has actually been made since 2008 against the NYC Roadmap’s 10 ‘must do’ strategic areas for action. Referencing the NYC Roadmap, the Report Card is a review of responses to youth homelessness over the past decade from a national perspective.

Youth Homelessness Report (PDF 3.4MB)

Education and Outreach provided by The Caledonia Foundation

The Caledonia Foundation