Community Screenings


On May 28 The Oasis screened at Parliament House Canberra, hosted by The Hon. Tanya Plibersek.


Ms PLIBERSEK (Sydney – Minister for Housing and Minister for the Status of Women) (3.32 pm) – Mr Speaker, I rise to ask your indulgence. There are some very special guests in the gallery today from the Oasis Youth Support Network, some young people who participated in a fabulous documentary that I know many members of the House would have watched and been very moved by. We have Captain Paul Moulds, his wife, Robyn, who work with these young people, and other staff from the Oasis Youth Support Network; Ian Darling, from the Caledonia Foundation; but, most importantly, those young people who shared their lives so very bravely with so many Australian viewers to let Australians know firsthand what the experience of being young and homeless is like.

The SPEAKER – The Leader of the Opposition approached me earlier in the day on a similar subject. I call the Leader of the Opposition.

Dr NELSON (Bradfield – Leader of the Opposition) (3.33 pm) – On indulgence, if I too could join with the minister in recognising Captain Paul Moulds and the magnificent men and women of the Salvation Army. Courage comes in different forms, and these young Australians have shown that and much, much more. This country is immensely proud of all of you

and we are grateful, and thank God, for the work and everything you do.

The SPEAKER – On behalf of the House, I warmly welcome you all.

Honourable members – Hear, hear!