robbin Moulds

Captain Robbin Moulds is passionate about people and community. A mother of two she has worked with disadvantaged people since her late teens, and believes it is only through community that people can find fulfillment.

Since becoming a Salvation Army officer she has directed this passion into the creation of Streetlevel Mission, a ministry that reaches out to the marginalised street people of inner-city Sydney. This innovative service offers a Friday night street church, internet cafe, showers, foodmarket, clothing, growth groups and prayer ministry. Most significantly it seeks to build a community where people are valued and involved in all aspects of the ministry. Robbin is furthermore committed to the concept of creating a forum in which the rich and the poor can be connected in ways they could never have imagined.

Robbin and Paul met at the beginning of their careers as aspiring youth workers in Kings Cross and their work continues to cross paths as they provide personal long-term support to the young people of Oasis.