Paul Moulds

Since venturing onto the streets aged 19, as a young idealistic youth worker in a holiday job for the Salvation Army, Paul Moulds has wanted to dedicate his life to helping young people. This journey has led him to work in different roles with youth at Wesley Mission, Mission Australia, and eventually as Captain of the Oasis Youth Support Network. Oasis is a vast network of services employing over 70 staff and providing a wide range of programs encompassing outreach, accommodation, counseling, employment and training services.

Recognised for his expertise and understanding of the complex issues surrounding youth homelessness, Paul has advised governments on policy and created innovative youth programs, but his greatest passion is to work face to face with the young people Oasis supports. Paul believes that every young person can be salvaged, no matter how addicted or damaged. The depth of connection with those he helps has meant becoming a surrogate father to a multitude of dispossessed kids. He also runs a street church every Friday night in partnership with his wife Captain Robbin Moulds. Despite the demands of all the kids who need him, Paul manages to balance having his own family. His son Nathan is following in his footsteps as a worker for the Salvation Army supporting some of the city's most needy.

Paul is a determined advocate for creating a more just Australian society, where marginalised young people have access to the support and services they need.