Darren is one of those kids most people write off. He is one of Paul's longest standing, longest suffering dependents and has battled drug addiction for over a decade. But most people don't know about his past, how he came home at the age of eight to find his mother had taken everything and moved out, how he was hospitalised from being brutally bashed in a foster home aged 10. Darren doesn't even know his real surname, the ultimate symbol of dispossession.

Darren first met Paul when he was just a young boy sleeping in a hole in the wall of a lane near Oasis. Having witnessed all Darren has been through, Paul understands he is in for the long haul with this kid - but he's committed to the journey, and sees potential in Darren that others have long given up on. Above all Darren is a talented artist and a creative expressive young man with a harrowing past that he can't seem to escape.